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On Parenting...take 1

My daughter just spent almost 36 hours barricaded in her room. That means she not only missed school twice, but also the early morning practice for show choir this morning. Show choir. The thing she told me when she was in second grade that she KNEW she wanted to do. That was going to be her thing. I did what I could to help her make it. I knew ballet would help with the dancing part...not that she needed help, because this girl is a natural! But when it came time to prep, I made sure that was our number one focus, and we busted our butts preparing for it.

She seems to be holding it over my head now though. As if she thinks I was the one that wanted it. She has even gone so far as to say I am trying to live through her when it comes to this. Umm, show choir wasn't even a thing at my school when I was growing up. Didn't know a thing about it until your oldest brother tried out (and didn't make it). So, no. Not living vicariously through you. Nice try.

It's a power struggle with her sometimes, and I'm losing. Not that I ever want her to know that, but emotionally? Mentally? I'm losing it.

I know I've made mistakes along the way when it comes to parenting. Oh, boy, have I! I just think this child of mine may be the one to help those mistakes stand out A LOT more than I wish they would.

She finally let me in her room this morning. We talked. I apologized for not responding the way I should have. That's the hardest part. Not the apologizing, as I have gotten pretty good at that over the years. But responding the right way, regardless of what is going on in front of me. It's funny (not funny) how quickly I can turn into a rotten brat. Who is the adult here?!

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